Our number one priority is resident and staff safety.  To prevent the spread of contagions or infectious diseases
like the COVID-19, we are implementing visitation restrictions as advised
by the Department of Health and the CDC.

Only personnel who are “Absolutely necessary for the operations of the community” include but may not be limited to,
home staff, contracted and emergency healthcare providers, contractors conducting crucial on-site maintenance,
and governmental representatives and regulators and their contractors will be allowed in our buildings.

Visitors and personnel will be screened.  Screening questions include questions about exposure to COVID-19
and assessing visitors and personnel for cough, shortness of breath, and body temperatures of 100.4 degrees and higher.




Jen Salazar, Residence Manager


My name is Jen Salazar, and I’m the Residence Manager of Van Wert County’s premier assisted living facility. As you approach our community you’ll notice that it has a unique architectural design that is very appealing and home-like. In the warmer months you’ll find many of our residents relaxing on the front porch sipping lemonade or enjoying a bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day.

Once inside, there is a real sense of home. Of course there’s beautiful d├ęcor to appreciate throughout the building, but its the sense you get from residents and staff that is so incredible. I hear quite often from guests and families that there is something special here that has nothing to do with structure, but everything to do with living. The residents don’t simply exist; they are living their lives to the fullest. A few things they enjoy are Programs at the Performing Arts Center, going to the cinema, bowling, out to eat, water therapy and other numerous outings. We also do a lot of gardening. Working the ground is second nature to our folks since this is a rural farm community. Our garden is quite impressive and has been used for many tasty recipes. Another perk is that our residents can bring their family pet with them. And all residents in each neighborhood can enjoy the companionship of our community dog, Venus. She was adopted by our residents and is now living the life!

For anyone suffering with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, we have a dynamic program to keep your loved ones active and functioning at their peak cognitive level. Everyday our residents participate in a program that provides a rhythm of “ebb and flow” throughout residents’ day. Montessori, sensory, reminiscence and physical activities keep our residents energized, relaxed, refreshed and inspired. There is nothing comparable to our program in the area and family members of our residents are astonished at how this stimulation provides meaningful experiences for their loved ones.

We would be honored for you to stop by and visit our home. Feel free to join us for one of our home cooked meals or come along with us on an outing!  Call me anytime at 419-232-2450, I'm here to help!

Warm Wishes,


Jen Salazar

Residence Manager

A residential alternative to a nursing home in Van Wert, OH

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